Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mood of book

The book is a definite suspense. The men leave in fear almost every minute of everyday. "Steiner lay there unable to see or move, wondering whether the things he was hearing were true. Had he been hit in the head? Was he dead?." This really describes more on how the men around him felt the didnt know, this was their leader and was he dieing? Another moment was when; "Once the enemy has you pinned down, they drop mortars or gernades on you. there's no way to hide deom mortars or gernades.." this is as real as it get, its hit or miss for them. Junger really puts into peoples emotions; " I'm on my back behind a low rock rock wall with a man ten feet to the left of me and another ten feet to the right." You just never know with this book.

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