Thursday, April 5, 2012


There weren't many shortcomings to this book. Besides that in parts of the book there is time where he could of just left it as is, but he kept being more descriptive and it kind of pulls a reader away with to much descrpition of one part to a story.


Whats stands out is that these men are able to somewhat still talk about the struggles they have been through, what they have seen, and able to give meaning to what a brotherhood really is to a man at war.

Main idea of book

The whole idea of the book was to really show, give a sort of image of what these men see every minute and every second of their lives. How most can't sleep at night, the constant fear of an attack. That before the army they had nothing really going for them. Or taht these men may not have a place to go after the army, no home. How if they did not have the army, most of them could be dead.

compare and contrast to last book

Coming off reading a book about the life of late Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell, to reading a book about war was a challenge to be honest. The only comparison that can be made is that of where all this people come from. Ernie came from a farm loving family to being a city boy in announcing, while these army men come from tough love to defending our great country. Contasted by that these stories have to different meaning, the book of ernie harwell was written on behalf of how his life was a whole book in itself. While in the book WAR was writen to inform people of how this men really live their life away from the safety of their homes.

Major incidents

Major incidents were when a man by the name of Restrepo, he was to the men the best medic in the business he put the men before him, he would go in the middle of a fire fight to save a life, and thats what took his. they ended up biulding a safe house names after him, where the men could feel at home and safe. Another event was when their man at charge; let.Steiner was shot in the head and killed during a sudden and unexpected fire fight. This was very significant because the men really took a liking to this guy and with him dead, you would of expected all hope was lost, but no the men railed and kept control of the Korengal Valley. The last event that should be brought up is when in the start of being in the valley, there was early trouble so the brought in the top men in combat; the Navy Seals. But even the best could not hold of what the enemy was giving. The seals copter was shot down , all men on board were killed on impact, and the enemy was able to gain control of GPS devices and a military laptop, which should not be in the hands of the enemy.

Book Element

This book is really centered aroud how each character is different before the army, but in the end they are all a botherhood. In the begining Junger talks about how one guy had been shot by his father in the leg and in court he defended his father and never looked back. Another guy was living in his car for a year. Others were drug addicts that had no where else to turn. But one thing that identified all this men was the word " INFIDEL" This was what the enemy called them over the radio. These men have seen things that people couldnt imagine.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mood of book

The book is a definite suspense. The men leave in fear almost every minute of everyday. "Steiner lay there unable to see or move, wondering whether the things he was hearing were true. Had he been hit in the head? Was he dead?." This really describes more on how the men around him felt the didnt know, this was their leader and was he dieing? Another moment was when; "Once the enemy has you pinned down, they drop mortars or gernades on you. there's no way to hide deom mortars or gernades.." this is as real as it get, its hit or miss for them. Junger really puts into peoples emotions; " I'm on my back behind a low rock rock wall with a man ten feet to the left of me and another ten feet to the right." You just never know with this book.