Sunday, November 27, 2011

Significant events

Started his first job at the age of sixteen for a newspaper called “The Sporting News”, making only a dollar a day in 1934: This was the starting point of his long career, here he was able to get noticed and under a fake name, he built a strong reputation for his writing styles.

Sports Director for WSB Atlanta in 1940: In this part of his life he built his reputation, under his real name; announcing. Known for his soft voice and interesting comments he made daily.

Sent overseas during his career as announcer in 1942: Here in Ernies life he wasn't sure what would happen in the four years he would be gone, but before he left he was ensured a job when he returned at Ponce De Leon Park in Atlanta.

For being a writer he was not sent to battle and stated in North Carolina: While spending his final days in America Before sent to battle in World War II, Ernie would be told a day before leaving that he would be able to stay on base in America to write letters for the general.

Broad casted the first "coast to coast" game in baseball history: Ernie was able from San Francisco, announce the game all the way back to New York, so all fans could hear the game. Major break through in Baseball history.
First announcer for the Baltimore Orioles in 1954: This was actually the fifth team he announced for on his long journeys. With new organization, this was Ernies last stop before Detroit.

His job being saved by a Chinese Take-Out Waiter in Baltimore: Around Baltimore, a petition was being sent around to keep Ernie Harwell in Baltimore, while at lunch at a Chinese take-out, the waiter ask the owner of the Baltimore Orioles, if he would sign a petition to keep Ernie, just as he was about to fire him.

Getting the $10,000 raise to save his sons house: He son needed $10,000 to pay for college and housing at the University of California, well Ernie told him he did not have the money and he would have to get a job, but the day he returned to Detroit, Ernie received a $10,000 increase in pay, saving his son.

Inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame August 2nd, 1981: Although he was still in the middle of his career, he was inducted, for all the major league teams he had already worked for and he dedication to the team and the sport.

Works for 6 major league baseball teams (Tigers, Yankees, Orioles, Dodgers, Angles, and Giants): Two words the can describe this is " major accomplishment". Not many have the privilege of working for so many organizations and being loved by them all.

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